Thursday, October 14, 2010

Observations : The odd, and the annoying.

I'm not really sure if this is more like a pet peeves rant, or just an observational one . . . I guess it's just a random rambling post.

I went into Ulta today to grab a couple items (make-up) that I was running low on, and while I know I had the money in my account I wanted to snatch them up before I ran out. Of the items and the cash. I went in, found my two items and promptly went to the check-out counter. And there was a . . . well, a she-male, I guess. I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure it at least used to be a full-fledged male. Otherwise it looked like quite a manly, flat-chested, 6 foot tall gal. By the name of Reggie. She-he was very nice and was obviously new as she-he kept introducing themselves to other employees. I don't know anyone personally who has gone through any sort of gender alteration. I'm not exactly sure how to "be" around someone who has. Everyone behind the counter kept referring to Reggie as "she", so I'm guessing that if that's not what she started out as . . . that's what she is now.

The other day, I was in (shudder) Wal-Mart doing my grocery shopping. I don't believe in debarking (dogs), but I suddenly became a fan of debarking children. One in particular. First off, I'm walking down an isle, minding my own business, when I hear two people running full-on at the end of the isle, in front of the meats (bacon, sausage, etc.). I turned the corner and one of those people turned out to be an adult, the other a small child. Both were old enough to know way better than to go running through a busy store. And let's face it, Wal-Mart is always busy. After the running incident, the little girl starts hollering a name. Repeatedly. At first I can't understand what she's saying, but it's on my last nerve and everyone is staring at this family for allowing their child to be so damned rude. I finally figured out what she was yelling. "Carmen." I think it was the gal who was running with her earlier. But she wasn't just saying "Carmen", she was drawing it out. So it was more like, "Caaaarrrrmmmmmeeeeeeeeeennnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Over. And over. And over. I'm not sure if everyone with her was ignoring her, prompting her to continue to yell. But, the whole damn store heard this kid. And this was a Super Center, so it's a big freakin' store. Seriously people, shut your kid up. People aren't staring at you because you're fucking gorgeous, okay? They're staring because your kid is being rude and annoying as fuck.

Also, the other day, I had gone into Target for a couple things. Let's face it, Target is so much nicer than Wal-Mart. Although, sometimes, stupid people shop there, too. I was in the check-out line, the gal ringing up my stuff. Behind me was a gal with a young child, a toddler. Was she sitting nicely in the cart, like she was supposed to be? No. She was basically laying on her tummy in it, feet out one side, and her head out the other. Pushing her mother's items all over the conveyor belt, and hollering that she wanted chocolate. "Mummy!! I want chok-lit!!" (was how it sounded). This kid nearly tumbled out of the cart half a dozen times. Even after the check-out gal told the girl, "to be careful". What was Mommy doing during this? Picking out packs of gum. Yeah, because that is sooooo important. More important than your child's safety. Obviously, because she didn't notice the 4 other people around her staring at her child balancing precariously in the cart. Maybe you should stop with just the one, sweetheart.

I'm very curious to know why parking lots are designed the way they end up being designed. Does someone think, "This will look so pretty!". Because it's a death trap waiting to happen. Who in their right mind think it's a brilliant idea to create blind spots in a parking lot? Who's brilliant idea is to plant big-ass trees or tall shrubberies at the ends of the parking aisles? And who decides it's a great idea to make them wind around and be all curvy? It's hard enough to not hit someone else in such close proximity - parking lots don't offer a ton of "personal space". So why on earth would you make it harder? Because it looks pretty? Seriously folks. It doesn't need to look pretty. It needs to be a place to park my damn car whilst I spend my money. That's all. It doesn't need to be a death trap.


  1. Totally agree with you on kids behaving in stores. As much as some children are old enough to know better, its not all their fault though. Its how they're raised. Also could be some kind of disability such as autism or something. Every situation is different, and I try and remember that.

    I've also found talking to the misbehaving child sometimes works (ex: kid nearly falling out of cart) I would say, "you know what I want chocolate too! What's your favorite?")

    Usually the child is so shy after that they shut up, or the parent realizes a stranger is talking to their child and starts to pay attention or which is my favorite, the child states what kind of chocolate, then I buy them the treat. I figure the kid is hyper now, I can shut it up by feeding it chocolate and then send it on packing with his/her parents to deal with the craziness of chocolate aftermath.

    Sounds awful...but hey it works...usually


  2. Oh sweetie...I feel your pain. That pet peeves rant on kids the other day is basically this but less hillarious. I'm sorry...but I am picturing people running through Walmart and screaming CARMEN and I almost peed. hahahaha.
    Children are insane because they know that if mommy or daddy yells to loudly or threatens them...they can call 911 and get mommy and daddy in trouble. And Mommy and Daddy are afraid of scolding their kids in public for fear of looking like an abusive parent...when really those kids need a good sharp, "KNOCK IT OFF!". Viscious cycle.


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