Sunday, October 17, 2010

Let's talk personal . . . hygiene that is.

So, I realize everyone out there has their own ideas about personal hygiene. I would gather most people are at least in the same chapter, if not on the same page. Unfortunately, there are those who do not share in those beliefs. I'm not necessarily saying it's wrong . . . but I'm not necessarily condoning it either.

For some people, it could depend on the kind of job they do every day. If you're a large animal vet during a very busy breeding season . . . for horses and cows . . . showering every day is a must. Even though there's a glove on that arm, dude, it's still nasty. I know. If your a garbage man - showering daily is not an option. But if you work from home, and breaking a sweat isn't on your daily agenda, showering daily might be a option instead of a necessity.

However, I admit that 99.9% of the people that I know, shower on a daily basis. Some, go for twice a day if they feel the need. Most people I know use soap. Most people I know wear some kind of perfume or cologne. And most importantly (although maybe second to soap . . .) is deodorant.

Bottom line here is this: the general populous doesn't want to stink.

Now, I'm not saying everyone who has high standards for personal hygiene smells like a peach. Some perfumes or cologne's simply don't agree with the nose on my face. But at least they're clean. Right? Right.

I know someone who at best showers every other day. I know what this person does for a living. And uh . . . well, it surprises me that this would come out of their mouths. But then I realized, that partially explained their appearance. Or the fact that I often have to not breathe in while in their presence. I don't want to know details as to why they feel this way. If their trying to conserve water, kudos, but uh, seriously, there has to be something else they can do.

I once worked with a person who smelled like a liquor cabinet. With a hint of pot. And B.O. It just seeped from their pores. I found out that even the boss had to mention to this person that many of their co-workers felt uncomfortable with their stench. This person didn't give a shit. Literally. Which grossed me out even more.

In general, smokers smell to non-smokers. Hey, it's your choice to suck on the cancer stick. The smell just goes right along with it. To a non-smoker, that's a smell that you really can never get rid of, unless the smoker quite smoking. And gets a post-smoking wardrobe. And home. And furniture.

Now, in my world, there are times I know I smell bad. And I mean bad. And I would keep away from people on purpose. Reason being was that I had been out in the summer heat, working my ass off and I was nasty-sweaty-gross. Plus, my thinking is this: If I can smell me, then it's bad. I just wish others felt that way, too. I'm even considerate enough, that a few weeks ago, when I stopped by to a see friend after being around horses for nearly 4 hours (and smelled like one, too), that upon hugging them hello, I warned, "I probably smell like a horse." Luckily, I knew they didn't mind anyway, but that wasn't the point. He warned me that he smelled of truck grease and sweat. I didn't really mind that either. The mere fact that he's adorable cleared him of any wrong smelling. The point here, is that we were considerate enough to "warn" the other person that you might not like what your smelling if you get too close.

Because, whether or not I like you . . . I can't stand you if you smell bad. Especially if I find it's not because I hate your perfume/cologne, but because it's your (ahem) lack of personal hygiene standards.

So, please, shower daily, use deodorant, and spritz/slap on that perfume/cologne, and go out into the world smelling like Calvin Klein. Or whoever. As long as it's not your body odor coming to greet me.


  1. I hate people who smell of smoke or B.O.

    It's really gross! I remember sitting in a bus and a girl sat in the seat behind me and she reeked. I had to sit with my hand covering my nose in order to breathe! It was the longest bus journey I've ever had.

    Hazel xxx

  2. I remember when I worked for a call center way back when. There was a mother daughter combo that worked there too! They would often smell of cat pee! I guess they lived out in the country and had many male cats that were not fixed, so they sprayed everywhere. Many people would complain to them and they would be upset. They were told several times to go home and shower and come back to work, which would be unpaid time. They ended up getting fired because of it!

    I could smell them, but didn't complain about it because enough people were complaining mine would just be one more. However when the daughter came up to me asking if I felt it was true what was being said about her, I told her kindly yes, but if you can't smell it, I'm not surprised, often foxes can't smell their own hole.

    She was not offended by it either. She appreciated my blunt honesty.


  3. Hazel - buses are a bad place for smells. Forced proximity smelling is offensive. Unless that person is a Hugh Jackman look-alike that smells of Obsession. LOL

    CBG - Oh cat pee is the WORST. A few years ago, my cat wasn't feeling well and she told me by peeing all over my clothes. Luckily it was a pile of dirty laundry, but I had to wash it like 4 times to get the smell out. But if they live with it, I'm not surprised they didn't smell it any more; it just became normal for them. But gross, just the same.

  4. there is a friend of a friend who attended the wedding I was just in who is not only a space invader and talks WAY too close to me...but her breath and body smells like she bathed in CRAP! Like something died in her mouth and then fell out of her mouth and she rubbed it all over herself. This woman is a nurse...she works with people. I literally breathe through my mouth when I'm around her...I don't understand how she doesn't know she smells like a manure mound! Just thinking of it now makes me gag a little.

  5. Jewels - Oh dear. That's just nasty. Totally gave me the shivers.

  6. I had to share a tent with someone who didn't believe in showering, never changed her clothes and didn't even wash her hands when she went to the bathroom. Oddly enough she had a lot of luggage. Never quite figured that out.

  7. Oooooooooooh, I can't stand stinksters. It's so tough to be around someone who smells, particularly if you have a rather tricky gag reflex. :/


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