Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just a couple random vacay pics

Here are a few random pictures from my vacation that I forgot to send to myself via my cell phone. I'm such a dork with technology, really.

My grandfather's dog, Brandy. She's a real cuddle-bug. Sweetest dog ever.

Meet Goldie. FATTEST. CAT. EVER. Loves belly rubs.

I found me a couple stray horses! LOL I stumbled upon these guys after crossing my second mountain pass, to see a Palomino colored horse literally trotting down the highway. He didn't get pictured, as he got pissy, tried to kick my car, and darted off the highway.

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  1. Adorable pics!!! Love the one with you and the puppy! Could you be any more adorable?!

    Goldie cracks me up!! Like a Garfield-cat!!! Love it!


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