Sunday, October 10, 2010

To The Frisky Virgin - I came across something . . .

I came across this picture at Love is in the Smog, and laughed my ass off. This was apparently taken in San Francisco, according to the blog. I have no idea why someone (or what company) would post such a banner. Or why they think virgins need "help". I'm a little clueless on that.

I hope you find this is as comical as I did. If not, I hope I didn't upset you - not my intention!

So, I guess if your "friends" give you more hard times about your decisions - which in my humble opinion they are
yours and they need to get over themselves - you can honestly that there is "help out there". LOL

You can save this picture and use it later if you just want to rant about why people have such a problem with those that have chosen to wait. If you do, I look forward to reading it. :o)


  1. Yeah, they have those billboards around here too.. they are advertising the movie The Virginity Hit that came out a month or so ago.

    Despite it's name, to my knowledge the movie was NOT a hit!


  2. Hey there! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I saw that same blog post and laughed a bit. I didn't realize it was for a movie. haha.
    Anyway...I gave you a blog award...stop by and get it! :-)

  3. OMG it's for a movie?? Wow, I'm sooooo behind on the times. Thanks for shedding light on that one for me! LOL

  4. WOW. There are no words...well, actually, there are a few that spring to mind. Even if it's to promote a stinker of a movie, it's just [insert plethora of un-lady-like words here]. Think I could have some fun with this one...thank you. :)

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  6. I wonder how many virgins have called that number looking to be 'cured'?

    I chose to wait (I'm talking 25 years ago, not now!), which made for a couple of very unhappy boyfriends, but I never regretted it!

    Dreams and Reality

  7. Okay seriously..I immediately started laughing when I saw this photo...I hope Frisky likes it! So awesome!


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